Dangerous Goods Testing

Microanalysis is one of Australia’s leading experts in determining Transportable Moisture Limits (TML) and a suite of tests that are essential in exporting dangerous goods. We have worked closely with the mining industry to develop our testing procedures to ensure we comply with the various product standards and international shipping regulations. We provide certified and reliable shipping declarations for exporting bulk ores.

We perform classification testing for IMDG and IMSBC requirements, as well as testing during process development and requirement to ensure that the product will be easy to ship and compliant with IMO, MARPOL and AMSA regulations.

The techniques we use are:

  • Transportable Moisture Limit (TML) by Flow Table
  • Transportable Moisture Limit (TML) by Procter Fagerberg
  • Moisture content/waters of hydration
  • Malvern

Tests we conduct include:

  • Crossing point temperature
  • Flammability
  • Coupon testing (corrosivity)
  • Self-heating
  • Evolution of gases or water reactive substances
  • Oxidising solids
  • Dissolution testing (Marine/Freshwater)
  • NATA
  • Australian Institute of Petroleum
  • Australian X-Ray Analytical Association
  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • Telstra Business Awards
  • Scientific Partners Australia