Occupational Health & Safety

Our scientists are considered the best in their field and can take the uncertainty out of keeping your employees safe.


Let us help you keep your employees safe. The breadth of our services within the OH&S field take the uncertainty out of keeping your employees safe.

We understand the limitations of optical microscopy in fibre identification and are able to ensure your material is fully characterised to ensure its composition and morphology are accurately identified as hazardous or not. A typical optical microscope has a magnification limit of 1000 times, our SEM can magnify to 750,000 times with an ultimate verified resolution of better than 4 nm (using traceable SEM standards) and partnered with the EDS can analyse the elemental composition from beryllium to californium to gain a full characterisation and size/morphology of fibres within the sample. This is critical in understanding whether your sample is hazardous.

We help keep your employees safe through:

  • Asbestiform fibre identification
  • Synthetic and un-identified mineral fibre, including RCF
  • MSDS creation
  • Forensic analysis of airborne particulates
  • Biosolubility risk assessment for asbestiform and low-solubility fibres
  • Air monitoring for
    • Asbestos
    • Respirable silica
    • Other airborne hazards
    • Nuisance dusts
  • NATA
  • Australian Institute of Petroleum
  • Australian X-Ray Analytical Association
  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • Telstra Business Awards
  • Scientific Partners Australia