Collaborating with researchers excites and invigorates us.


Microanalysis scientists are passionate about scientific excellence and the ever evolving and advancing field in which we live and work. Collaborating with researchers excites and invigorates us. Through our collaboration, we have been able to assist our many research clients with advances in their area of research.

By utilising our extensive range of laboratory equipment we are fexible in developing unique testing methods and environments to compliment your area of interest.

  • Gun-shot residue analysis – Microanalysis is currently assessing novel methods to determine firing geometry in firearms discharge
  • Antique glass dating – we have been instrumental in developing methods to analyse glass from historic sites in WA to determine environmental impacts such as seasonal corrosion and its use in dating
  • Asbestos fibre release during fire damage to buildings and dispersion and entrapment of asbestos fibre on firefighters’ uniforms


  • NATA
  • Australian Institute of Petroleum
  • Australian X-Ray Analytical Association
  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • Telstra Business Awards
  • Scientific Partners Australia